HIROSHIMA TWINKIE - All the way from Lancaster England
Occasional jamming in 2010 (during Mostly Hum down time and Trev leaving the Convulsions) lead to Chris and Trev asking their their long lost twin and 'soul' brother Dave to join them in an exciting new alt folk rock venture . Electric type instruments were cast aside, the 3 voices clicked, the songs poured out and out and out, and in 2011 Hiroshima Twinkie released the Silence E.P, and debut album 'Dogs and Swans. Originally just plannd as a side project for the 'daf't' songs, it soon became something far more exciting. When missing brother Mike joined in 2013 then the jigsaw was complete - stunning four part harmonies and Mike's skillful electric and acoustic bass adding depth and dimension.
The Name? The name comes from a Mrs Doyle comment in Father Ted (no more clues...you go find it!), Hiroshima Twinkie could have easily been Stig Bubblecart or Spodo Komodo, and were nearly 'The Buck Ruxton Band'. However we think the nature of the split personality of our songs fall into the category of either 'Hiroshima' (introspective, confessional, concerned, melancholy), or 'Twinkie (stupid, daft, funny and downright vulgar) and we like it that way.
 Hiroshima Twinkie are based in Lancaster England (via Swaledale, Lytham St Annes, West Brom and Salford) but often fantasize about a shared memory of growing up together on a small farmstead on the slopes of Lancaster Mountain 2 miles up a dirt track from the hamlet of Lurkin on the Merkin, where the twins would while away the long summer months dangling their feet from Biffin's Bridge singing the old songs that Mother taught us that Chris had just written - happy times.
Hiroshima Twinkie's music is electro-acoustic alternative folk rock music in nature, leaning towards americana. Eclectic taste has lead to an eclectic style and a great variety in lyrical theme, pace of performance and format of delivery.
Expect passion, energy, humour, pain......shaky things and a polka about a dead tortoise!
 Hiroshima love Lancaster, the Lune Valley, Morecambe Bay and the surrounding area. They draw great inspiration from the rich history, the wonderful people , the diverse  music scene and the dazzling scenery.
We hope you like our music as much as we have enjoyed the fun of making it
Please let us know what you think and check us out live - you won't be disappointed.
Hiroshima Twinkie



Introducing the Band
Chris - songwriting, rhythm guitar, mandolin and singing - a 'tiggeresque' puppy of a character - probably dropped on his head as a child - attention span of a gnat - unstoppably terrific  songwriting machine however.
'I like bands with a sense of humour, killer lyrics, live energy and a raggle taggle attitude - keep it loose... and three chords are fine by me!'
'I love a lot of folk rock music (but tend to favour american singer/songwriters), I think 10% of country music is awesome (Gram, Steve Earle, Willie, Kris, Emmylou, Johnny Cash), I love ska, reggae,rockabilly, garage rock, dowop, 60's pop and 60's easy listening and soul. I confess to being into heavy rock as a youth (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Maiden, ACDC) but then heard the Pogues, The Smiths , The Waterboys and the Housemartins. My first bands were influenced by the whole 80's u.k indie scene (Wedding Present, The Smiths, Pulp, James, BMX Bandits, Talulah Gosh etc) and was really into 80's alternative america (R.E.M, The Violent Femmes, The Lemonheads, The Pixies, Jason and the Scorchers, King Missile Dog Fly Religion, Camper Van Beethoven,The Long Ryders), as well as some of the great bands on the New Zealand Flying Nun label (especially The Chills, The Bats and the Verlaines). In the last few years I 've really enjoyed the Fleet Foxes , Yo La Tengo, The Barenaked Ladies,The Monsters of Folk, The Felice Brothers. The Low Anthem, The Imagined Village, the delightful Unthanks and The Black Keys. I've also become obsessed by collecting EVERYTHING by the Stones and rooting out obscure rockabilly and garage rock. My musical heroes are Brian Wilson, Billy Bragg, Mike Scott, Gordon Gano, Jonathan Richman, Gram Parsons, Evan Dando, Jarvis Cocker, Dylan, Morrissey, Buddy Holly and Woody Guthrie...all of this comes out somewhere in my songs'
Recent gigs - Kiss (full make up - I know, but they were amazing), Gordon Gano and the Ryans (I got to sing Blister in the sun with Gordon!) The Waterboys (who were superb, and surprisingly 'heavy') and Jason and the Scorchers in Kendal - this was an unbelievably good gig - Warner Hodges (google him) is the best guitarist in the world.
The Violent Femmes, America, Michelle Shocked, The Divine Comedy, Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jonathan Richman,The Wedding Present, Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks,10,000 Maniacs, The Unthanks,The Barenaked Ladies, The Pixies, Crowded House, James, The Waterboys, John Philips (check out the Wolf Man of L.A album!), Fairport, Richard Thompson , The Felice Brothers, The Go-Betweens, Neil Young, Yo La Tengo, Belle and Sebastian,Gene Clark,The Byrds, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Camper Van Beethoven, Lou Reed, Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, Beach Boys, The Oysterband, Lindisfarne, The Vulgar Boatmen, Early to mid REM, Loudon Wainwright,The Band, Love, Jason and the Scorchers, Fleet Foxes.
Side Projects: 
Chris Barlow (and the Lunar Landscapes) 18 Track Solo Album 2015 - Some excellent new songs and a mopping up of Mostly Hum and Hiroshima Twinkie 'never were's' that Chris decided needed a chance to exist. Features many special guests including Guy Morris, Vicki Sidlow, Andrew Montgomery and Dave Shooter.
Chris (and Trev) - The Manta Rays: loud and wild  60's garage rock
Chris (AKA Billy Phantom - vocals / guitar) and Trev (AKA Lazlo Morricone - drums / vocals) 
Chris used to sing and play thrashed acoustic guitar in...
Rockitt 88
Classic 50's rockabilly with a splash of surf
Previous Bands: The Spanners (Doo Wop), Urban Picnic (80's Indie), The Swan Hunters (folk with attitude), Mostly Hums (eclectic rock -with folk and country leanings - 4  superb full length CD's, mostly Chris origionals and featuring Trev on drums and backing vocals - buy for  £4 each from this site!) and Love Monkey ( a brief drum and guitar project in a Jonathan Richman vein).
Dave: Lead guitar, banjo & vocals - 'the axe man commeth'. A sweet soul with the focus of a raven on acid.....yes you can stroke the rabbit Dave!
Playlist and influences: Pink Floyd, Ian Dury, David Bowie, Elbow, Television, Sigur Ross, Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Son, Beth Orton, Effervesance, Classic British rock, Banooba, Transport (Aussi Band), 10cc, America, early punk and 2-tone
Side Projects: Dave also plays guitar in Clevor Trevor (excellent note for note Ian Dury, Bowie, Madness and Pink Floyd tribute band) and Mandolin and pink trombone for the Ouse Washes Molly folk dance troupe playing at several folk festivals during the Summer of 2015 including Southwell, Warwick, Wickham and Shrewsbury
Previous Bands: Dorothy (with folk minx Kate Howden), The Convulsions (R & B), Jammin' Impossible (T.V themes with a dance beat), Breakfast in Bed (rock), Mini King (Rock), The Guns of Navarone (Ska) and the   Lost Chords (acapella).
Trev:  Drums and Singing
Mom's favourite - butter wouldn't melt - an innocent child in a cruel and crazy mixed up world  - ahem
That's no swing - he's a Thunderbird
Playlists and influences: anything with Hal Blaine drumming, Supertramp, John Philips, Simon and Garfunkel, The Handsome Family, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Elbow, 10cc, The Eagles, America, The Fleet Foxes, Neil Young, 70's rock,
Side Projects: Trev also drums in Clevor Trevor (see above), Howden Jones (exceptional folk), Harry Wharton & Co (prog) and Montana Wildhack (with Ian Dicken and Mick Armistead) and occasional appearances with Rob Bee and the Stingers- Trev now also plays in The Manta Rays with Chris - Trev is a very busy boy who often neglects his chores!
Previous Bands: Dorothy (see above), The Convulsions (see above)
Trev and one of his many vintage kits at the Platform Morecambe
'Hit it Trev!'
Mike: electric and acoustic bass guitar, occasional acoustic guitar, shaky things and vocals -   'Lost then found' - 'Castrato Perhapso' - 'love child of Noel Edmunds and Rick Parfitt'- the 4th member - the icing on the cake - the cherry on the top - the flake in the 99 - that bloke in the corner etc
                                                                                                              Mike and another bag of hot air on stage
Previous bands: Martin Forest & the Trees (Alt. Rock), Citizens Band (Rhythm ‘n’ Blues), The Hop (with Dave & Trev – 60’s covers), Filthy Country Boys (Grunge Country) and Thunder Jackson’s Contraband (Rhythm ‘n’ Blues). 
Favourite Bands/Music: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Alabama 3, Mozart, Television (Marque Moon – what an album), Grateful Dead, Van Der Graaf Generator, most things alternative/post-punk. Currently can be found dancing round the kitchen to the wonderful African rhythms of Fela Kuti. 
Best gigs: Alabama 3 at Solfest 2008; Tom Waits, Hammersmith Apollo 2004; Van der Graaf Generator, supported by Genesis, Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1971 – my first ever gig. 
Musical Heroes: Mozart, Peter Hammill, Nick Cave and Tina Weymouth
Mom sez she'll make him a knitted voodoo doll but she needs more wool!
The Cellarmen
Trev, Dave and Mike also now have THE CELLARMEN a project working on classic (mostly) 70's material...Chris is too young to understand this venture.
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