HIROSHIMA TWINKIE - All the way from Lancaster England
 Download Hiroshima Twinkie's Music www.hiroshimatwinkie.bandcamp.com

Here is some of our music - we hope you like it 43 recorded tracks so far - more on the way soon
Song 1 should play automatically - use the forward and backward buttons on the player to move to the song you want.
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Video - The Duckhouse Song and Summer Lawn live at the Robert Gillow Lancaster
New 13 track CD buy now for £10 including postage and packaging and free badge!

The Duckhouse Song
Upright in a cool place
Seize the Day
Get out of Dodge
To Amboth or Wythburn (Float Away)
Radio Silence
My Summer Lawn
Sweet Country Songs
Plum Deep
My Disease
Getting of at the Station (Positively Dale Street)
The Girl I left Behind
(I wanna get) Jiggy Witchu
Dogs and Swans: 16 track debut CD - £10 inc postage and packaging*
When Death looks in your Window
Blue Sky Morning
The Common Man
The Guiness Song
Buttered Up
Laser Eyes
Harden's the Rain
Dogs and Swans
The Feeling
Send Forth the Lightning
Going on the Hairy
Tape in the Post
The Porn Song
99 Lengths (and a Sauna later)
*Buy this CD from us and get the Silence E.P free (whils socks last).  This includesPlastic Bertrand's Ca Plane Pour Moi (in English!)
New for Jan 23rd 2016 Many Kinds of Mountains - exciting new 10 track album
(Below) Michael despairs as he realises his brothers might not be
 taking practicing seriously.
                                                                                                                                                                (Above) Robot Twinks
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